Avoiding duplicate file processing in SFG

To avoid the duplicate file processing in SFG (Sterling File Gateway), Follow the below noted steps.
Avoiding duplicate file processing in SFG
  • We come to see a practical error in the log files is just the way the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) in SI detects the duplicate files. To avoid this duplicate file processing in Sterling File Gateway (SFG) you have to set the options in the “mailbox.properties” to "disallowDuplicateMessages=false".
  • The above function clearly defines that the duplicate files are allowed into SFG (Sterling File Gateway) and those duplicate file uploads have been processed by SFG.
  • Now the turn goes for the partner to investigate why did the application trigger a duplicate upload of the same existing file.
  • If you are not interested in duplicate uploads, you should be considering in setting the option disallowDuplicateMessages to true in both the nodes. By doing this you will be able to stop Sterling Integrator (SI) from accepting the duplicate files.
  • To make happen the above change, yo have to modify or create your customer_overrides.properties on both of the nodes by adding the command line as follows: "mailbox.disallowDuplicateMessages=true".
  • After doing the above modifications, you have to restart both the nodes for the changes to take effect.
Here is a small descriptive image of Sterling File Gateway SFG. 
Avoiding duplicate file processing in SFG

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