Sterling Integrator (SI) & SFG(File Gateway) Installation

Hi all, Here is a post regarding IBM B2B Sterling Integrator (SI) & SFG(File Gateway) Installation. Go through each step for better installation.

Sterling Integrator (SI) & SFG(File Gateway) Installation
  • Before going into this step, you should have been installed and configured the Sterling Integrator (SI) Database.
  • After installing and configuring the SI Database, you need to update the License Set. The reason for updating is that, while you are installing the SI, it will take out of box license file, which is to be overridden after post installation. To update your SI | Sterling Integrator License type you can use the below code " InstallDirectory/bin$ AddLicenseSet.sh”
  • Start Sterling Integrator and go for Operations> System > Licenses, Here do List all & check all carefully that you have license for all of the essential Sterling Integrator (SI) Components for instance File Gateway Core.
Sterling Integrator (SI) & SFG(File Gateway) Installation

Note: "Do not forget to check under InstallDirectory/properties/licensefiles for Sterling Integrator (SI) and Sterling File Gateway (SFG) License."
  • After completing the above process shutdown Si (Sterling Integrator) and proceed for SFG, Sterling Integrator File Gateway Installation.
  • If you are unable to find SFG, Go find Sterling File Gateway (SFG) you will get it under InstallDirectory/packages/filegateway_XXX.jar.
  • After these complete installation steps, SI (Sterling Integrator) will be automatically pointed towards the Sterling File Gateway URL.

Note: “Before triggering SFG installation, you make sure that you have a perfect valid license for Sterling File Gateway (SFG). If not your installation will be half baked!"
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